Shamanic energy healing

Expand your consciousness - awaken your HeartPower and purpose

A totally unique remote energy healing session with channeled intuitive guidance to open up to your natural flow of well-being and connect to your home frequency.

I work intuitively with energy healing and we are guided to focus the energy where it is needed as best. I don´t choose the guides that will come though, you will get help from the ones of pure love that can best be of service for you. You will also get tools from the guides so you can keep on reinforce what we have worked with.

I have received downloads with information from my guides from Sirius on how to find and remove negative etheric implants and will remove the ones we are guidade to in each session.

In almost every session we are guided to heal past (parallel) life that limits you today.

How to book a session

Write very briefly what problem you want to let go of during the session. And write just as briefly what you want to open up to be able to feel and do instead. I will then contact you shortly after with time an date for your session.

Price and currency

Price: 290 Euro

Other currency than euro? If you use other currency send a price request to me by e-mail, and I will send you the price in your currency.

What you do when it is time for the session

When we start the distance (remote) healing session you just lay down where you are and relax for one hour. After one hour the first part of the session is done and you don´t have to lay down and relax anymore if you don´t want to.

I will contine the session for another hour and recive your channeled intuitive messages and write them down. After about two hours I will send your personal intuitive guidace message to your e-mail adress.

Time zone converter

I give you the Swedish time for the session. Check the time zone converter to fint out what time it is in your country: Converter.