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YOUR unique personalized recorded guided meditations with the affirmations you want

There are many good meditations with affirmations to be found online. But do you also find that many times they do not exactly match what you want to feel and achieve? If that is the case, it is now possible for you to order your totally unique personal recorded meditations with exactley the affirmations that you choose.  If you find it difficult to choose affirmations, we will be more than happy to help you at no extra cost. Just describe to us what it is you want to feel or 

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Let go of – and make peace with – fear, doubt, anxiety, anger and other low density vibrations. Open up to joy, happieness, love and abundance.

Healing & channeling (remote session)5D Tapping (Messenger session)

Ascension Wayshower, Chakaruna Energy healer, 5D Tapping teacher & ThoughtCoach 

Helene Telin – Ascension Wayshower in Sweden and international. I give you tools and guidance to  expand your consciousness, reprogram limiting believes, open your heart och step into more of your authentic self.

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Joyful 5D manifestation affirmations

Listen to theses high vibe wonderful affirmations on rhymes 🙂 They are extremly powerful and help you connect to the highest frequency timeline. Soon you can go to our webshop and buy different versions of these affirmations. Until then, you find the first English version of the meditation for free here on my Swedish Youtube channel. To you from my heart:

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