HeartPower 5D-Coaching Program for women

Let go of limitations and step into your divine power, so you can shine your light and live the happy, meaningful free life you came here to create. Reprogram your subconscius mind, unleash your inner goddess and become your authentic self. 

This is a exclusive private coaching program which will be designed specifically for you. Transformational 5D Coaching, deep inner work, shamanic energy healing and lots of inspiration. Between our Zoom calls you do exercises to reprogram subconscious thought patterns through different techniques and guided meditations/self hypnoses. And you take action by following your inspiration towards your hearts desire.

Awaken your souls purpose and manifest your 5D earth passion & mission!

The program includes six live Zoom calls every two weeks for 3 months. Each call is between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The program can also include guided clearing & activations to release fear, inner wounds & limiting believes – and activate your higher power through:

— Intutive 5D-Tapping – create inner peace by releasing trauma, limiting believes and stubborn negative thoughts
— Inca shamanic chakra balancing & activation and past life energy healing
— Transformational handwriting through the Vimala alphabet
— Shamanic inner journey to meet your spirit animal, open up to intuitive messages and receive etheric gifts

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My name is Helene and I am an Ascension wayshower, Spiritual teacher  & speaker and Intuitive ThoughtCoach from Sweden. My passion is to guide you into your amazing power so you can create the life your life with passion, power and magic.

Do you feel that it is time to make a change so you can take the next big leap to crete a heart-centered, meaningful, happy & free life? Book a free Zoom Call and we will find out if the Heart Power Program is for you. E-mail me and tell me what changes your are ready to create.