Personalized guided affirmation meditation

Expand your consciousness - awaken your HeartPower and purpose

Order your own completely personal affirmations recorded on audio file. We will also include your name to make it even more personal, powerful and accurate. The guided meditation will be customized for you, just the way you want it. It is very easy to order.

We will create your recording in two versions with different relaxing background music. One of the two audio file starts a guided relaxation. Each audio file will be about 10-20 minutes long. (If you want to listen longer, set it to repeat.)

How to order

Send us an email to with the affirmations you want have recorded. We recommend about 3-12 affirmations (Maximum 20) If you want help finding the right affirmations for you, you can describe in the message what you want achieve and we will suggest suitable affirmations.

When your affirmations are recorded we will send you an e-mail with at short example of your affirmations and ask you to pay. When payment is done we will send you a hidden link to Soundcloud where only you can listen to your designed guided affirmations meditations created just for you.


111 Euro (includes 2 versions of your guided meditations with your chosen affirmations.