Intuitive 5D Tapping session

Expand your consciousness - awaken your HeartPower and purpose

5D Tapping is an intuitive form of tappning very much influenced by Faster EFT, EFT and other energy psychology methods. We are also supported by my team of spirit guides.

During a session you get help to neutralize your negative emotions and instead rewire new positive thought patters. You will get help to release emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, phobias or other dense energy.

You will open up to love yourself even more and start givning from a balanced place, through your heart. During the session you allow much more of your unlimited potential and unconditional love to flow freely. It is a session to open up to live your life with peace, passion and excitement.

We meet via videocall on Zoom. I will guide you through the tapping session to help you release the emotions you want to make peace with. After the session you will get tools to continue to awaken more and more of your true self and high frequencies of peace, joy, love.

How to book a session

I will then contact you shortly after with time an date for your session. Write very short what you want to focus on during the session.


Price 290 Euro

Other currency than Euro? If you use other currency send a price request to me by e-mail, and I will send you the price in your currency.

Session by Zoom

When it is time for the session we meet on the Zoom-link I have sent you.

Time zone converter

I give you the Swedish time for the session. Check the time zone converter to fint out what time it is in your country: Converter.